Web Development

Web Application: Content Management System

A simple web app that allows the user to create, and edit and publish webpages easily, with an easy edit option allowing the user to edit text on the fly. Technologies Used to build this system:
PHP, jQuery, MySQL, PDO, HTML, CSS, cPanel code Editor, JavaScript, Ajax



Drag and Drop

Allows an image to be dragged from the desktop or any folder and uploaded onto the website.


Java & Mobile Apps

End of year Project: A Simuation of the Economy

This project was to produce a minimal agent based model of a simulated economy. My aim was to understand under which, conditions growth and shrinkage can be observed in the GDP, by applying economic logic while programming the simulation. Technologies I Used to build this system
Java, Eclipse, Groovy Plugin, Repast Simphony

Mobile Application Development: Tip App

Given 2 weeks to develop a restaurant tip app.

Technologies I Used to build this system
XML, Java, Eclipse, Android SDK, Android (testing)


Email: info@angelinadyer.com